Intech CRM

Intech CRM can help businesses to streamline their customer management processes, improve customer engagement, and increase sales and revenue.

Some Key Features

The software is designed to help businesses manage their interactions with customers, including managing leads, sales, customer service, and marketing campaigns.

Lead Management

Intech CRM allows businesses to track and manage their leads from the point of capture to conversion. It enables them to prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert and to assign leads to sales reps for follow-up.

Sales Management

Intech CRM provides tools to manage the entire sales process, from lead generation to deal closing. It allows businesses to track the progress of deals, manage pipelines, and set sales goals.

Marketing Automation

Intech CRM allows businesses to automate their marketing campaigns, including email marketing, social media marketing, and lead nurturing. It enables businesses to send targeted messages to specific groups of contacts and to track the performance of their campaigns.


Intech CRM integrates with a range of other tools and services, including email clients, marketing automation platforms, and accounting software. This allows businesses to streamline their workflows and improve their productivity.