Our Experts

Ajay Kumar

Founder And CEO

Hello! I am Ajay. I am Software Engineer.

Vijay Kumar

Co-Founder And CTO

Hello! I am Vijay Kumar. I am Mobile Application Expert.

Abhishek Kumar

UI Designer

Hello! I am Abhishek Kumar. I am Software UI Designing Expert.

Abhay Vyas

Graphics Designer

Hello! I am Abhay Vyas. I am 2D and 3D Graphics Expert.

Dharmendra Sao


Hello! I am Dharmendra Sao. I am Software Developer.

Sumant Kumar


Hello! I am Sumant Kumar. I am Software Developer.

Saurav Yadav

Software Architect

Hello! I am Saurav Yadav. I am Software Architect Expert.

Vishal Rana

Software Developer

Hello! I am Vishal Rana. I am Software Developer.

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